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Nymphs S01 1080p Netflix WEB-DL DD2.0 x264-TrollHD

Season 01

When full moon rises above a small town, Didi Tasson, 17, makes love to her boyfriend for the first time. The boy dies. The next morning Didi meets two incredible women, Kati Ordana and Nadia Rapaccini. They tell Didi she is a nymph. Didi had to learn her new rules and norms quickly, and she has to leave her family, friends and home behind. Things don’t get any easier when Didi falls madly in love with an ordinary mortal, Samuel Koski. As we all have learned from ancient tragedies, relationships between divine beings and mortals can only end up in tragedy.

Starring: Jarkko Niemi, Ilkka Villi, Sara Soulié
Audio in Finnish with multiple Subs